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Clearing the cache resource in MODX Revo

Clearing the cache resource in MODX Revo

In developing their snippets for MODX, sometimes there is a problem with caching. You have made some changes, and the data are given old and even the "!" when calling does not help.

So I present a small script that cleans the cache of the current resource. You can paste it in the snippet or to create a new, clean to clean.

$id = $modx->resource->get('id');
$docObj = $modx->getObject('modResource',$id);// $docObj - a resource object whose cache should be cleaned
$key = $docObj->getCacheKey(); 
$cache = $modx->cacheManager->getCacheProvider($modx->getOption('cache_resource_key', null, 'resource'));
$cache->delete($key, array('deleteTop' => true));

I recommend to insert it in front of their snippets (or in the top lines of your snippet).

Highlight found mistake and press Ctrl + Enter to notify the administrator.