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Online generator buttons for your site

Online generator buttons for your site

Create a button for your website online, select colors, spacing and other parameters. Get the button code and paste on your website.

Here you can create a button for your website. Just copy the code and paste on your website.

The text of the button:
Color text:

Background color:

Border color:

Horizontal padding:

Vertical padding:

Border radius:

Border width:

Font size:

Alignment buttons:

The link to which the link leads:

The result:

Get the code:

To create a button yourself

To create a button with a 0 on the HTML and CSS you can use three tags: a, button, input[type=button].

button and input[type=button] - essentially the same thing, these buttons, we bind any events if we want to make the button link, you must use the tag a.

<input type="button" value="button"/>
<a href="link" style="background: #ccc; color: #000; border: 1px solid black; padding: 5px;">button

Inserting this code on the website, we get a simple button:

Тthe third method, with the tag <a> is used to create a button link, simply add an href attribute that contains the link. For example, <a href="">button Text</a>

As we can see, to make the button link using the a we need to apply a lot of styles to make it look like the button, because originally this tag was created to create links. Therefore, we can use the other two tag, which is the default button.

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