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The translation of the text in lower case

The translation of the text in lower case

Use the Converter to convert the lowercase text in any language. Special characters, punctuation, spaces and digits when converting a continue.

Paste the text into the first form and immediately get a result in the second.

Your text:

The result of the conversion:

a Limitation on maximum length of text that can be translated to lower case this Converter depends on the Internet browser. At one time, it is desirable to convert the text length is not more than 30 thousand characters. The normal operation of the Converter with the texts of large volume is not guaranteed.

to Make the conversion of text case both manually and with the use of converters. The transfer case manually — a rather tedious process, in regard to texts of great volume it is better to use automated tools. This does not need to use a Converter in the form of an app. Today's technologies allow for conversion of the register directly in the window of your Internet browser.

Online Converter lower case, which is posted on this page — this is a useful tool that will come in handy when editing text. Conversion of all characters of the text in lower case is made almost instantly. The formatting of the selected text is saved. Punctuation and digits concepts "register" do not have, in connection with the conversion are not changed. It is interesting that in some languages, certain letters have significant differences in lower and upper case, that they can be regarded as completely different.

Now you can convert text to lowercase online, without resorting to the use of a special Converter apps or text editors. The translation of the text to lowercase in online mode saves your time.

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