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To create a banner of images online

To create a banner of images online

Here you can online to create a banner for your website absolutely free by entering the link on the website and a picture.

Generated code, paste in right place of the website, and the banner will work.

If you want to create a banner yourself, then I will in detail describe how to do it.

To create a banner yourself

Let's look for a start, what is a banner?

The banner is a link to the resource in the form of pictures, then to create it, just need to get a picture and make it a link how to do this? Let's try to create a simple link and it is created like this:

Text link

Nothing complicated, tag а - this is the link tag, href - an attribute in which we insert the link for the needed material.

Here is an example: as a reference, take the address of your home page

Main page

And we'll get this link: Main page

As the link text, you can use anything in our case is necessary as the link to make the picture

Let's look at how to add a picture to the website, here is an example:

As you can see, nothing complicated, img - the tag images, and src - path to images, I as an example took the site's logo will receive the following:

Well, we know how to create links and images, as I said, as text links you can use anything, let us join them. And so we have a image and link:

Main page

delete the link text in my example: "Main page", and insert instead the code for symbols (line 2), we get the following:

And the result on the page, we will see our picture-link I inserted above code and get:

As you can see the picture was a link, I think I clearly explained everything, thank you.

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