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Online remove line breaks

Online remove line breaks

Online web tool for removing line breaks and paragraphs of text. Insert your text, format it and copy it yourself.

Remove extra spaces or tabs

Insert your text in the TextBox and clicking on button Format and get the text without spaces or tabs.

Remove paragraph breaks and lines

Remove only line breaks (Paragraphs saved)

Formatted text

Copy the formatted text from the field below.

This tool determines where between the words was made more than one space and replace on a single space.

you can Also remove the gaps made through the tabs, or you will replace them with a single space.


This tool is quite simple to use - you can remove multiple white space characters is allowed between the words and replace with a single space. And very handy when trying to make a bad formatted text high-quality to embed on your page.

Highlight found mistake and press Ctrl + Enter to notify the administrator.