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Select material by date in XPDO MODX

Select material by date in XPDO MODX

Working with XPDO in MODX Revo sometimes there is a need to bring materials on a specific date, but there are some nuances, namely, the problem arises from the fact that the database stores dates in a standard format.

Consider a script that displays all of the content for a specific day.

$data = date('2015-12-10'); // In this variable we recorded the right day
$date_from = strtotime($data." 00:00:00");
$date_to = strtotime($data." 23:59:59");

$data_y = date('Y-m-d',(strtotime('-1 days', strtotime($data))));
$data_t = date('Y-m-d',(strtotime('+1 days', strtotime($data)))); 

$where = $modx->newQuery('modResource');
	'publishedon:>' => $date_from,
	'publishedon:<' => $date_to,
$resources = $modx->getCollection('modResource',$where);

$res .= '

Selected day '.$data.'

'; foreach ($resources as $k) { $res .= '


'; $res .= '

Дата: '.$k->get('publishedon').'

'; } print($res);

If you need to bring materials not before a specific day, comment out the following line:

	'publishedon:<' => $date_to,

For example, you can display all materials that were published after "2015-12-10".

And similarly, display of the date no later than a specific number, then comment this line.

	'publishedon:>' => $date_from,

In variable $data, you can pass any date fields in MODX, for example, the publication date or TV date type.

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