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HTML compressor

HTML compressor

Use this online tool to compress your html code. The compressor removes all spaces and line breaks. Reduce the size of your html files.

Paste your HTML code in the box below and click button.

New compressed code of the HTML format will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

New compressed HTML-code

Stay copy your new HTML code from the window below.

Description of web tool and its use

This online tool will reduce the size of your html-code that functionality in your HTML-code as does not suffer.

Advantages and functionality:

  • removed from the code of line breaks;
  • the removal tab;
  • removing double and single spaces;
  • there is a possibility, do not compress the code between the head tags.
  • if Javascript code is present, its functionality during compression will not be affected;
  • the tool will save space requirements of files, and reduces the length of code
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